The  Photographer—JIM DE MILITA

Jim has been taking pictures since he was six years old. He  had a darkroom while in high school where he learned  to make black and white prints. He loved print making and was thrilled to be able to enlarge and hold giant 8×10 inch prints.

In the early 1980’s he heard that it was possible to make color prints at home. In his quest for knowledge about color printing he met an incredible teacher, Bob Runyon, who later became one of his best friends. With Bob’s guidance he bought a 40 inch tube processor and started making 30 by 40 inch prints from negatives of landscapes which he took with medium and large format cameras. During this time he had the opportunity to go to Africa. He loved the excitement and adventure of travel and wildlife photography with Nikon 35mm cameras.

Jim began selling prints at mall shows and street fairs which he did for many years. He did all his own processing and framing.

DeMilita Photography display at the Seattle Home show.

When digital printing became possible he was thrilled at the control and beauty he could achieve by scanning negatives and slides. He began using Epson digital printers to produce his prints. He started using Nikon Digital cameras for all his photography.

He  used  the money he made selling prints to finance  photo trips. He stopped doing shows when he realized that he was basically printing the same pictures over and over again to fulfill his show sales. Since he stopped doing shows he has tried to broaden his artistic interests and the scope of his work.

He resisted doing a web site for years because he wanted people to be able to see his prints and to be able to hold them and experience their size before buying them. Now that he is no longer doing shows he has decided to use the web to share some of his work.